Abrams Press - A large press with an eye for detail.

Akashic Books - One of the best running independent presses going. They are "reverse-gentrifying" the literary world, and for a good reason.

Belleuve Literary Press - Books that stand between the threshold of fiction and science. Publisher of Paul Harding's Tinkers. 

Black Balloon Publishing - They'll lift you off the ground and take you to a whole new world.

Brooklyn Arts Press - A one-man show that nevertheless published 2016 National Book Award for Poetry winner Daniel Borzutsky.

Caketrain - Beautifully designed covers. Beautifully written books. Only $8 each.

Curbside Splendor Publishing - An indie press so Chicagoan it goes to the Logan Square Farmer's Market.

Dzanc Books - An indie press vying for the future of literature. 

Engine Books - Books that can outlap you in any sort of race.

Eraserhead Press - Franz Kafka meets John Waters meets David Lynch meets Dr. Seuss of the post-apocalypse.

Featherproof Books - Dedicated to doing whatever they want.

Gorsky Press - A true indie that looks for work outside the mainstream.

Leapfrog Press - Where the writer gets the attention they deserve.

NoPassport Press - A press that publishes plays because they're good, not because they're produced.

Outpost 19 - Truly provocative reading.  

Scarletta Press - A traditional press pushing to stimulate conversation.
7 Stories Press - Books that aren't afraid to get political.

Top Shelf Productions - Welcomes all work, for an emerging author to great such as Alan Moore.

Two Dollar Radio - For books that stretch the limits of imagination.