Alimentum Magazine - Avoid reading on an empty stomach. 

apt - A poetic exploration of human relationships.

Arcadia - Spending time on the things that matter.

Blackbird - Singing in the dead of night "for the kind of writing we should all strive toward."

CALYX - Women writing unapologetically about women and women’s lives.  

Carve - Named in honor of Raymond Carver, short story artist and master of the “minimalist” form.

Criminal Class Review - Don't be surprised if the editors vandalize your car.

Denver Syntax - For the artists who do it all.

Electric Literature - A magazine dedicated to great fiction and supporting other magazines.

Fairy Tale Review - Your favorites, reimagined.

Fiddleblack - Both a press and journal served on a single platter.

The First Line Their first line, your story. 

Fiction Fix - A true literary addiction.

Flash Fiction Online - Fiction so fast you may miss it. 

Gettysburg Review - Over twenty years of great stories.

Glimmer Train - This top market is one every writer should know. 

Greensboro Review - Down-to-earth, fun stories.

HYPERTEXT - A magazine looking to get the conversation started.

Jersey Devil Press - A stand-alone magazine that stretches the boundaries of science fiction.

Literary Orphans - A magazine looking to adopt some neat writers.

Lovecraft eZine - Channel your inner Lovecraft.

MAKE - A magazine so Chicagoan, it eats Italian beef.

Newport Magazine - A magazine with a soft spot for emerging authors. 

New Pages - Not a magazine, but terrific index of magazines, contests, and publishers. Bookmark this page before proceeding.

Origins Journal - Putting together multiple voices and "Where Writing Begins."

PANK - Where strange stories find a home.

Portland Review - Portland State University's student-run lit mag. 

Prick of the Spindle - A journal full of editors who want to work with you.

Requited Magazine - A journal that explores art as a creative exchange. 

Specter Magazine - A magazine with a funky fresh beat.

Toasted Cheese - A friendly place where writers get honest feedback.

Untoward - Stories for the twisted and bizarre.